Hawaii chef highlights local ingredients in Miro Kaimuki’s Japanese-French menu

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HONOLULU (Hawaii InformationNow) – Local chef Chris Kajioka has actually functioned in a few of the very best dining establishments in the globe and is a highly regarded name in Hawaii’s great eating scene. Now he’s swaying foodies with his Kaimuki dining establishment Miro.

Miro Kaimuki includes a French- influenced menu stressed with Japanese tastes and strategies.

Kajioka signed up with HNN’s Sunrise Weekends to speak about the return of his prominent prix fixe three-course breakfast and ready Ahi Brioche, Chocolate Creme Puffs and Kajiki Tartar (blue marlin).

“Miro is a Kaimuki restaurant, where I grew up and I used to go to this restaurant back in the day, at the time it was a bakery, and it’s kind of come full circle,” claimed Kajioka.

The breakfast menu consists of an appetiser, a meal (from 5 various choices) and a treat.

Kajioka companions with ranches throughout the state to resource fish, veggies and various otheringredients

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